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Raw bone treats - Why they help your dog?

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Dogs are well-known to thrive on love and attention, yet they are beings constantly seeking the energy provided by food. Dogs are descendants of wolves, just like their ancestors; their favorite thing to eat is raw food. Dogs possess the robust digestive system to handle a raw diet – it's great for them since it contains strong stomach acids, bacteria-killing agents, and the type of enzymes that aid in breaking down nutrients similar to those found in living foods which leaves them thriving with health

While some of us still prefer to give our dogs cooked food – I know my dog loves her kibble - it is important to understand that high-temperature cooking destroys vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that can be naturally derived from the ingredients. This makes an improper diet nutritionally deficient. Therefore, I always make sure I include plenty of fruits and vegetables in her meals (and mine).

Why Raw Bones?

Whether you’re a responsible dog owner or a first-time dog parent, you will find the decision to feed your dog raw bones is an easy one. As we all know our dogs are carnivores and they need meat and they love it! If we notice our dogs have lost interest in their food, can’t sleep at night, or have increased thirst or eating habits – then there are plenty of reasons to believe that we are feeding them the wrong food or not enough of what they need.

Help maintain dental hygiene

Dog owners have a lot to think about when it comes to looking after their pets. To maintain dental hygiene, they need to be able to ensure that their pet's teeth are clean and healthy. Excessive amounts of plaque or tartar can cause gum disease, bad breath, and a host of other unwanted side effects. Regularly offering your pet a Rawbone will help them keep their teeth healthy by stimulating saliva production and encouraging cleaning activity through active chewing motions.

Provide nutritional value

Raw bones are primarily composed of calcium phosphate, a mineral that is crucial to your pup's growth. When you feed him bones, you are in fact helping his skeletal system to regenerate and adapt. It's vital to note that the body can absorb calcium from bones four times faster than from supplements! Isn't that amazing?

Discourage unwanted chewing habits

All dogs go through puppyhood and teething, but for some dogs, the behaviors persist long after they have grown up. If your dog excessively fidgets, excessive scratching or biting himself, along with other nervous behaviors like biting or chewing on furniture can happen. Offering a raw bone might be a great idea as it will divert his attention away from these behaviors and help develop healthier natural chewing habits. Plus all that chewing on the bone is good for your dog's muscle development and jaw!

All dogs love chew toys and they need to chew things to keep their teeth healthy. This particular chew toy is eco-friendly and made from 100% grass-fed beef. It provides exercise for both your dog’s mouth as well as his entire body as he walks around with it in his mouth. Dogs also digest bones differently when compared to humans, which means this will provide nutritional benefits for your pet, including a healthy digestive system.

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